Our Village Has a big and historical Bo Tree

11 11 2010

Our Village has a Bo tree. Every villagers are coming to this and Worship every day.it is a like a heaven place to every villagers.Now our villagers collect money to build a hall to observe sil at poyadays.


This Website Made by

30 09 2010

This website was made by Anupa Samadhi Munasinghe. he is student of  Methodist c.c @ hakmana.You have now a good chance from this site.why? you can see a paper and listen to radio from this site. please leave a comments us.

kohuliyadda Has 4 ICT students

30 09 2010

Kohuliyadda village has a 4 ICT students.Named Anupa Samadhi munasinghe,Namal Indika Samaraweera,Dilum Randika Samaraweera,Disal Dananja senanayaka.That Children are proud to kohuliyadda village.

About Kohuliyadda village

27 09 2010

Our Village in the hakmana town,matara district,southern province,sri lanka.Our village has a big harmony and peacefulmen.  our village has a great history.

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25 09 2010

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